2020 Georgia State Championship Registration Form



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Reminder - The amount of WLI coverage is $300,000 or $100,000 of WLI in conjunction with a one million dollar “umbrella” liability policy. In this case, the boat owner must have clear copies of both policies. If the boat owner is in doubt have the insurance agent prepare a memo to the GBF Tournament Committee stating the policy number, amount of Watercraft Liability coverage and the start and ending date of the policy.

Note: The policy must state Watercraft Liability. If this is a rider on the Home Owner’s policy it may only list the code HO-75 and the coverage amount. General Liability coverage is NOT sufficient on a Home Owner’s policy as several companies deny that this coverage applies to watercraft. Second, the Specification Page must show a beginning and ending date! Comments such as “Continuous Coverage” and “Non-expiring”, etc. are not legally sufficient!

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Before completing this registration form you must have your signed release of liability and risk form and scanned copies of your boaters proof of insurance. You will be able to attach those at the end of this registration form.