Start A New Club

It is exciting to have your Club consider joining the Georgia TBF Bass Federation. Here is a quick overview of what is involved and the requirements for each year.

1. All members must be FLW members; they can join at the same time as the Roster is completed. We now do our rosters online and it can give you what each member will pay. If your Club decides to join, then you just need to send me a roster of each member ( Name, Phone, Address, FLW # (if they have one) The Cost to Be Members of TBF and FLW is $50 per member each year, which is $15 TBF Dues (Club Insurance for members) and $35 for FLW Membership. This system was put in place to allow all GBF, TBF, and FLW memberships to renew at the same time each year. This is the most efficient way to keep everyone up-to-date on memberships.

2. The Club must also be affiliated with the Georgia TBF in order to Fish the State Championship “Top Six” Tournament, The Georgia Federation States dues are $100 for the whole Club (no matter how many members) per year.

3. The Georgia TBF Federation has requirements in order to stay affiliated each year. These are located on page 4 of the GBF Handbook.

  • A. Complete a project or event involving 6 or more Youth and fill out the Youth Project form and turn it in each year. This form is available on our website.
  • B. Fill out Creel Census reports from our website for each Tournament fished by the Club, within 30 days of the Tournament.
  • C. Hold a minimum of 10 members in order to fish the State Championship (See GBF handbook for State Championship info located on pages 24-29).
  • D. Fill out a Club Officer Administration Form from our website each year or after an officer change.
  • E. The Club will be assigned a GBF Area Director, this is someone that will help you with anything you have concerns about or need assistance with.

Are you ready to start your new club?  Do you have any questions?  Do you require assistance?  You can contact us by clicking here or selecting the “Contact Us” link located on the top menu.

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