Creel Census Report

After each club event record the information from that event on the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division Website. Be sure to only enter each event ONCE.

The following variables were tracked and analyzed for each water body:

  • Bass caught per angler
  • Weight of bass caught per angler hour (in pounds).
  • The average weight of bass caught (in pounds).
  • Average largest bass for the tournament.
  • Percent of anglers with limit cash.
  • Percent of anglers with zero basses.
  • Percent of bass that was largemouth (as opposed to spotted bass).
  • The number of angler hours.
  • The number of tournaments included in each analysis.
  • The number of basses caught that were 5 pounds or larger.

The data entered through the Creel Census Reporting will feed directly into a publicly available dashboard. This dashboard will allow anglers to interact with the data and see how fishing looks at different waterbodies or during different seasons.

Visit the DNR Dashboard

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